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I can see this getting cancelled, it has the premise to be a really good show. If does get picked up for a second season, the writers can do one story line over the season rather than be repetitive with the same thing happening in each episode. Would like to know what your thoughts are


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Pretty much agree.  I do think it will get a second season, though. 

I like the idea of one main story line with a few smaller ones sprinkled in

It's not a bad show and I'm watching, but there are other things I'll watch first

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This has all the makings of a good show, just feels a little light on substance.

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imadsani wrote:

This show has all the makings of good show, just feels a little light on substance.

I agree 100%. Light of substance and seriously predictable.

A little question for a scene in Ep. 4:


Who was the man standing next to/behind the tree in the background, when Colter found the crashed car???
Was it a blooper?


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Just saw that this was renewed for season 2.


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This is my favorite show! It used to be Blue Bloods but when I started watching the very first show I was hooked and I can’t wait until the next week. Oh I’m so very upset that they are on hiatus and won’t be back until sometime in the fall. I love Justin Hartley and when I noticed that Ken Olin is a part of this project then I knew why I’m addicted to this show!! Hurry up and come back and I hope and pray that this show doesn’t ever get cancelled.


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Agree on it being a good show.
Agree on it nice having a "one man traveling the country helping people" show again.  I really haven't seen this roadmap used since Kung Fu or The Incredible Hulk (Bill Bixby).  Both of those had a long-term subplot threaded through the individual episodes just like this does.
As for the "one long story" idea... Eh.  Don't we have that enough already?  I like that the individual story is foreground and the long story (what's the deal with his gov't spy/conspiracy parents) is in the background.  That feels more real and natural as a long kept secret is something you find a clue for here and there, in between other parts of your life.

My biggest fear is a long story focus will drive the show into the ground like most long-story plots due.  Every cop show that does it has the big-bad-villain get bigger and badder with every season, to the point of the bad guy being Bond level bad.  I don't want this going the way of Criminal Minds where the agents became the prey, every agent kidnapped at least twice, and so on.

Some get away with a long story focus.  Law & Order Organize Crime for example has that concept baked into the show: You build a big case against organized crime over months of under cover work.  That's part of the actual formula for the agency.  But when shows like Hawaii Five-0 would do that sort of thing in their later seasons it felt like grasping... or gasping for a last breath of life for the show.


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I think maybe split the difference, a few double episodes sprinkled throughout.