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Fuck yeah!


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Just finished S3 and hate to say it but really I don't think there should be an S4, even though they suggest it's already in the works. As much as I like the show and letterkenny before it they're just phoning it in now. S3 was like 10 decent jokes and 75% montages.

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I kind of agree, but we seem to be in the minority, most posts on Reddit are people saying it's the best season so far.
S1 was amazing, and I think they poured everything into it, not thinking they would get renewed.

Maybe now that Letterkenny is done, Keeso can concentrate more on the spinoffs.
I'm excited to see what other spinoffs there will be.


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I avoid innertubes chatter about stuff apart from the minimal stuff here so wasn't aware. Was all worth it for


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but they really didn't have much material this year. Letterkenny was overusing the montages toward the end as well, but nothing like this.