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Thanks - fixed the bug with the link on the Next Episode logo.

As for the suggestion for adding the X functionality in show details - I don't really want to clutter show details with it, but I'll keep your idea in mind!


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Great site. Thanks for all your hard work.

Just a little tweak that would be nice to have. On a show's page, there's a "Previous Episode" / "Next Episode" section. Would it be possible to add the total number of episodes in the season to the Episode lines? Thus, for https://next-episode.net/billy-the-kid, instead of "Episode:7", it would be "Episode: 7 / 8". This would save a click on the "Episodes Guide and Summaries" link to find out how many episodes are left.


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Haine, that does already exist, for shows that we know have that information.

For example, have a look at The Boys, that shows "Episode: 4 (of 8 ordered)" currently.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Perhaps you need a better source then, its been known (for example) that Billy the Kid was 8 episodes, from the start. Split into 2 x 4.


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Our source for that info is TVMaze.com. You can edit that info right there and it'll become available in here as well.

Are you aware of any other service we can use for that data?