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I discovered this program on the 4th... watched an episode... and continued watching episodes until I ran out of episodes to watch.

I enjoyed it.


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Well, the first 2 seconds of the trailer is completely wrong.  You would never put satellite dishes at the bottom of a valley.  I hope it gets better than that smile

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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Wizard wrote:

Well, the first 2 seconds of the trailer is completely wrong.  You would never put satellite dishes at the bottom of a valley.  I hope it gets better than that smile

All I have to say is...


in that 30 second clip in which you see and hear a tv playing, it (and they maybe?) gets buried in the ground and becomes no more than a passing thought.

Thank you for understanding. lol


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Yep, put the show on my list right after watching the trailer back when I watched it. smile

Wizard wrote:

Well, the first 2 seconds of the trailer is completely wrong.  You would never put satellite dishes at the bottom of a valley.

I guess there can be use cases where it doesn't matter, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that as atypical. smile


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Funny... around the time of my post yesterday, regarding a boy with antlers, a friend of the family finds antlers on his grounds and brings them by for the doggie to chew on! big_smile


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Okay, finished season 1. It has the Netflix sickness but was "okay"/ wasn't as bad as other shows.

Still, it often felt like the show didn't have a real purpose... like it was trying to be an apocalyptic show for adults one minute, but then a drama for children the next.

I loved to see Adeel Akhtar with an important role here, and if you've seen https://next-episode.net/utopia, his t-shirt in that scene did presage his role in this show, 8 years later! big_smile


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Season 3 is about to start - not much hope here, but lets see...

So many shows that had so much potential - this is another, that didn't even reach mediocre most of the time... so sad... but, well: Based on DC-Comic, after reading that, i didnt expect ANYTHING big_smile
But since i really liked the fantastic core idea, i had/ have? hope...

Season 1
was mostly "Ok", but far far from good, writing was just "bad", characters mostly annoying and "flimsy" or even plain idiotic... writing style reminded me sometimes of fantasy movies in the 80th-90th

Season 2
was mostly rather "bad", some scenes were "Ok", writing was mostly "horrible"... - everything was a step down from Season 1 - which in itself is some kind of accomplishment ^^
... and we declined to a fantasy style of the 50th-70th = "logic must be eradicated, viewers are stupid anyway" and "acting is completely overrated" ^^

so, Season 3 - should we even bother?!
... at least the biggest writing-fuckup, the "General" and his "Group" are deleted  (good riddance ^^) - but a replacement already is ... "in place". Not sure if a series with such bad writing can recover... well i am a bit curious :-)
...and yes next to Christian Convery, Adeel Akhtar was/is? an acting highlight, but his character still is rather "shite-write" smile

lighton wrote:

... It has the Netflix sickness but was "okay"...

Wonder what that might be?!

IMO Netflix is the one strong reason we can enjoy so many good and better series today. They started the big "streaming-TV"-race/contest in 2007 with  Hulu, HBO, Amazon etc. as contenders smile - if i remember correctly? And that makes me still grateful

... but yes i would prefer less quantity, more quality and please a minimum of 12+ episodes big_smile

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Kind of interesting, Cara Gee who played Camina Drummer in The Expanse plays a character,  Siana, in season 3 of Sweet Tooth. Though she doesn't have an accent in her role in Sweet Tooth there was a scene in which she and others were in a bar type setting and two of the characters thereabouts spoke with the same accent as her ...race, in The Expanse lol.

Just noting.


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Thanks for sharing (especially because I'll probably never get to watch that scene myself). smile

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Standing ovations for Christian Convery (the child actor born 2009 of Gus/Main Character) - outstanding performance even ... or especially in s03!
You see good acting from Stefania LaVie Owen (Bear) and maybe Nonso Anozie (Bigman).
Regarding Adeel Akhtar i am not sure - all scenes with him since s01 really started to annoy me, maybe his performance was so annoyingly good in character - or he just multiplied the horrible script? Not sure...
And yes - Cara Gee was in all her acting very much like the character in expanse / own character? - whatever that reflects on her acting wink

But thats sadly it!
Downrated the series to 1/5 Stars - dont bother to watch.
Script & dramaturgy in s03 is just another -even bigger- mess... logic and authenticity are constantly raped and tortured.... a MESS

... there are some scenes in s03 that are exciting emotional, but then you need fast-forward to the next watchable one... shame!