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First episode watched, not off to a good start.

I didn't read the description (I try to watch everything that is Star Wars, even after all the not-so-great shows) so I didn't realize the show was about Morgan Elsbeth as well. I recognized Barriss from the poster.

I was already not sure since Barriss was a very small side character for me. Morgan Elsbeth is probably the least interesting enemy I can think of in Star Wars... so not sure how strong this show can hold my interest, but I will give Episode 2 a go in the next days.


First episode is not taking place during the reign of the Empire but before, when Grievous attacked Dathomir. That was kinda disappointing since this battle was already done (better) in Clone Wars.
Since both shows are animated in the same style, it is weird that the outfits of the Sisters are now completely different. Also, they have a lot more hair than in the Episode "Massacre" of Clone Wars. This I just noticed because at first glance I didn't recognice them as Nightsisters.

What is that weird looking ship, the battle droids come back later in the episode? Never seen a ship like that before. I thought I know most of the separatist ships.

I get the feeling this episode wants us to empathize with Morgan...which I don't want to. She was established as an enemy and should be shown fearsome and to make me hate her.
I sure hope the next episodes will show an improvement towards that.

It's a crass comparison to Tales of the Jedi who focused on one of the most formidable fiends and heroine (Clone Wars and Rebels are my favorite SW shows smile among the Jedi while this show focuses on two of the most forgettable and boring characters in Star Wars...

I mean if we are talking the Empire, they would've had the OG himself "Darth Vader" available, to show his further fall into darkness after the evens of Episode III.


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first ep


Tales of the Clone Wars. "hey sorry I got your daughter killed, but we'll call it even seeing as how I'm only up here because you let robots kill off my whole clan despite you being able to EMP without even seeming tired.

2nd was good cuz


Brainy smurf, though that was kinda heavy into stuff that iirc only happened in the first of the recent Thrawn series

3rd seemed like a Mando deleted scene. Will watch the rest tomorrow

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Episode 2 isn't particulary good either. Does nothing to introduce me to the character.


They jump ahead to Morgan presenting plans for a (genius) new TIE Fighter to a bunch of imperials.

Along with being the magistrate of Corvus, it would've been interesting to know how she ended up like this.

- How did she became an engineer developing plans for a space ship superior to the empires? The Nightsisters didn't exactly seem to me to have engineering schools or technologically advanced knowledge.
- How die she became the magistrate of that City?
- Where did she get the spear of pure beskat?

They skip all the interesting things and jump to her being in her City and getting introduced to Thrawn...we already know they have a connection, nothing new there.

And who exactly are her enemys she speaks of? Either she believes the separatist army was defeated by the Republich/Empire or she knows the Empire was behind it all along.
Asuming the first, she has no enemys - asuming the later, she know works with her enemies....?

In Tales of the Jedi you knew right off the bat why the characters did what they did and how they ended up in the locations and situations they are in. You knew the characters.

Here I don't understand her motivations and how she got where she is.


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I decided to continue since I wanted to know what the Barris ark is going to be like, but first had to go through episode 3....which wasn't easy.


Now we are right before the Episode "The Jedi" from The Mandalorian show.
Once again we don't get any information about what happened the last 20 years since she joined the Empire and what she did during it's downfall.
For all we know, she stayed on Corvus the entire 20 years and did absolutely nothing since the city looks exactly the same. What did she do with the ships she got from Thrawn?

The New Republic ambassador mentiones Elsbeth "rules" over entire systems?? That would maybe be possible with those ships or other  support from the Empire but there is no sign of that. All we see are the same couple soldiers we saw in The Mandalorian.

Her short introduction in The Mandalorian, her whatever in Ahsoka and now three Episodes of what should've been a story ark and I still don't have the slightest idea why she does what she does.

Apparently the only reason she burns down a couple of trees (in perspective of ruling over an entire planet or systems that is nothing) is because the Ambassador made a metaphorical notion about it? What other reason does she have? Makes no sense to me.

To be honest I don't have much hope, but i guess Barris ark can only be better than Elsbeth ark.


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I liked the Morgan eps better but then I actually remembered her. Barriss I'd completely forgotten. Both sets seemed very much outside the casual fan wheelhouse, but for throwaway short episodes i suppose that's fine. i'm sure the minutiae and reaction video people got plenty to chew on for time invested but i'll never be one of those people


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Episode 4 is off to a good start with Barris ark.


If you know what happened to the character from Clone Wars, they start of right where we have last known her to be, in prison.
Getting recruited by the Inquisitors is a logical story development, considering she is a former Jedi imprisoned for speaking out. She is basically Ahsoka just with bad luck.
The tests they have to do are clearly made to drive them towards the dark side, good so far.

"Unfortunately there is only room in our ranks for one..." - that is the week point of the whole episode.
Really no room? Don't they need all the force sensible people they can get their hands on?

They could've just have forced them to kill some other person, perhaps prisoners of war or senators who refused to bow to the Empire. Maybe even people they know from the past.

The fight is very well choreographed. I especially like how Barris always dodged the lightsaber and caught his hands.
I liked her trying to avoid fighting at first, but when she realized she had no other choice, made a quick end to it.

Every action of her is plausible and believable.

And then Vader shows up...absolutely perfect ending for this episode.

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Went and finished it. Should've just skipped the first three episodes and started with Barris ark right off the bat.
Although...episode 4+5 were good but 6 was once again disappointing.

Episode 5


I like the Inquisitor Lin. She is rutheless and you can see how she observes Barris. You can really feel that, if Barris were doing or saying the wrong thing, she would cut her down mercilessly (for a bad gal character that's a good thing !).

Barris looks just cool in her Inquisitor outfit, especially the helmet. I know that's not really important, but still, cool design.

Lightsaber battle in Episode 5 was good, made them look evenly matched which is a lot better than everything we saw in Obi Wan Kenobi.
But be sure to not offend the person you just killed with using the wrong pronounce...better be safe and use "they/them".... I am binary and be honest, if someone were to address me with "they/them" I would be the offended one xD.

The end of EP5 was disappointing though...I guess we can't have two lightsaber battles in one episode.
And if Barris was ready to leave the Inquisitors, she could've acted earlier.

Episode 6


The visuals of that ice planet are absolutely stunning. The mountain range at ~02:27 is wallpaper worthy, and other scenes as well.
The story is simple and predictable. The little easter egg with Barris sending the family to Ahsoka is nice.

But what happens then is...well I don't have a clue.
First of all, why does Lin have to redeem herself at the end. She was a perfectly good bad gal character. Could've left her evil or make her even more so.

Can someone explain to me what happened in that icey pass? Did Barris suddenly became a Yoda-level force wielder and was able to manipulate Lins perception? I don't get it.

During their encounter, Barris can easily dodge every blow of the lightsaber. But when she is secretly approaching her, with every advantage possible, she gets stabbed??

The last three episodes are definitely an improvement over the frist three. But still, if you wanna watch mini stories about Star Wars, Tales of the Jedi is still a thousand times better.

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Not as interesting as Tales of the Jedi, to me, but it was nice to see Barris and what happened to her. I also liked how we got the origin of Morgan Elsbeth, wasn't expecting that but it was nice to see none-the-less.

To some extend it's feels like an AI was feed all the EU novels and told to come up with some cartoons but also I don't want to strike it from my memory, so it was far from the worst of Star Wars.

I'd watch more... but I love me some space opera adventure!

ALSO can some one for the love of the creator do a mashup of Morgan Elsbeth and Elsbeth Tascioni?
The universe will be better for it tongue