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Looked promising at first. Was hoping for a Goblin Slayer type series, just from the perspective of the Goblins.
But no...it had to go the obvious route with the standard isekai-trope and nothing new to offer.


It stopped being good after he started to care for the hostages, and the hostages for him. And of course the hostages are so thankfull that they give up all thought of being rescued or escaping and become part of the tribe...

I get it, from a authors point of view that is probably the most likely scenario viewers want to watch...if it hadn't been done a million times already.
Him taking on Goblin traits and having the instincts of a Goblin would've been a much more interesting story.


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Yup, I agree.  So far it hasn't been really bad, but I don't see much in the way of story or character development. 

Other than the "I Keep getting more powerful and having more beautiful girls fall in love with me".

Like you said, that's not necessarily a bad story, just it's been done a lot with better characters.