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Topic: Kingdom Come Deliverance II [Medieval RPG, Warhorse Studios]


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Set in Kuttenberg with over 5 hours of cinematics:



Kingdom of Bohemia, Early 15th Century: chaos has befallen the kingdom.
  As invaders pillage this ungoverned land, sowing fear and terror, Henry of Skalitz seeks revenge for his murdered family.

Now a trusted member of the rightful king’s allies, Henry is sent to accompany Sir Hans Capon on a diplomatic mission. After they are ambushed and nearly killed, the two young men embark on a series of perilous adventures, putting their skills, character and friendship to the ultimate test.


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Re: Kingdom Come Deliverance II [Medieval RPG, Warhorse Studios]

For years I've been looking forward to the story of KCD II, and I'm very surprised it was unveiled today and coming out this year; can't wait.

I'm hoping they improve NPC realism to be more lifelike and interactive, and, sort out the bugs so it isn't a glitch mess like KCD I was on launch.  The KCD score and character texture quality is the benchmark, and to me, better than RDR2.

If you've watched Mythic Quest, KCD is the game they use the most in their segue's for Raven's Banquet.