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Well, another remake. But after ep1 and ep2, not a bad one. Like it so far. Sure, Cosmo Jarvis is not Richard Chamberlain and his acting a bit stiff while Anna Sawai is a bit too modern empowered female for the feudal Japan... But the rest of the Japanese cast is mostly quite good.... especially Hiroyuki Sanada is a great cast. Tried all the time to place him, but had to look it up... Dr. Hiroshi Hatake in Helix!


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Bit worried about the kid only being able to identify family members by their eyelashes and fingernails. No way they had a therapist to help with that particular form of face blindness back then.

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Watched ep 1 last night. We loved it! One revelation that was not in the original miniseries is that Blackthorne, Rodrigues, and Mariko are actually speaking Portuguese to each other - not English. At least, not at this point. Some of the characters have been tweaked just a bit. Yes, Mariko seems just a touch too modern compared to previously (I love that series, BTW). Yabushige is slimier (Tadanobu Asano - yes!). Toranaga is gentler. I guess the acting is less "traditional Japanese drama" than 1981. Costumes, hair, and makeup are lovely but being an American production I have to question authenticity (lip gloss?). Sets are great, too. Just on the one episode, I still like the original 1981 better but I'm looking forward to the rest of this alternate version. If I can keep track of all the characters, that is!


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Agreed, and excellent reinterpretation of the original version 43 years ago.

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Suasor wrote:

Agreed, and excellent reinterpretation of the original version 43 years ago.

Shogun is a book. Fourth in a series (3rd published). And it came out 49 years ago.


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I knew it was a book (a giant ponderous tome I was hoping the series could remove from my infinite queue) but wasn't aware it was one of a series of 6, only one of which isn't huge. le sigh


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Alright, 5 episodes in the season...

Still the visuals and story telling is great. Jarvis and Sawai are still not living up to the rest of the cast. Both in terms of their character on screen, the acting talent and screen presence.

And still, I wonder why do we need a remake which does not add anything new or interesting it. But somehow it works, as I do enjoy it.

8/10 for the general show, 4/10 for Jarvis, 5/10 Sawai, 9/10 for a lot of the major Japanese cast like Hoshi, Asano, Asano and Nishioka. And 10/10 for Sanada... well these stand out. a lot of the Japanese support cast is decent but not brilliant.


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another great series i,m watching again superbly done

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I wanted to love this show, but I wanted to watch it, not read it.  It's not a book; it's a TV show. Once they've established the origins of its characters, why can't they speak English?  First, I have to practically sit on top of my TV to read the subtitles (I am visually challenged), and I'm a slow reader, so I have to pause quite frequently to read the entirety of the text which breaks the fluidity of the action.  I spend too much time reading, therefore I can't enjoy the visuals and by the end of an episode, I have a migraine.  Very disappointed.