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Topic: Sanctuary (2023)


A tough, desperate kid becomes a sumo wrestler, captivating fans with his cocky attitude - and upsetting an industry steeped in tradition.

I like jap culture so im a bit partial but its very well written and executed.
Its comparable to Tokyo Vice, would recommend!

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Re: Sanctuary (2023)

I liked it, but would wait to make sure it gets renewed if you're on the fence.


Can't believe they Rocky 3'd the ending. Also the first episode has a serious would you rather - i.e. would you rather wipe a sumo wrestler's ass or chunk up his turd with chopsticks? I'll be team turd, as i'm quite good with chopsticks.

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Re: Sanctuary (2023)

This is an ok- good one :-)
It starts slowly but then gets unexpected deep and intense - and yes there is a "Rocky"-vibe building up mid-to-end i would say, and some slo-mo's are hilarious big_smile

Simple but powerful intro - liked it!
... skin, loooots of skin and lots of very "Japanese" scenes. Don't get put off by some of the really weird stuff in the beginning (and later!), its worth it despite it - especially since it is to assume that many of the sumo-guys are real and acting is new to them, nonetheless they do a good job and S01 was mostly a nice and sometimes weird  experience, hope there is a S02 and its good as well smile