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Topic: Bodyguard


I would recommend taking time out to watch Bodyguard the new BBC show.  Really good I feel.

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Good scripts, great acting.


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Yeah, it's very good.  Looking forward to the finale on Sunday.

2020.  Meh.


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I thought that was a pretty good and satisfying way to end the series and to tie up loose ends, but would be interested to hear what others think about the finale.


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I liked it.  It didn't blow me away, but I think they wrapped things up well.  It was never going to please everyone, the way the BBC has been hyping it up, it could never live up to everyone's expectations.

And they are already in talks for a second series.

2020.  Meh.


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Since Netflix bought it, there will be definately a second series.



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The ending was rather tense and twisty.


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Yes, good show, looking forward to season 2!


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hmmm, searched for shows similar to Tokyo Vice and stumbled over this one, but its not at all similar.
I am only at E03, but i am not sure i will finish it.

Action dramatics are well done but here it ends.

The other drama and close characterization lacks authenticity, quality and sadly logic.
Example: So in the first minutes you see a suicide-bomber, the main character - who talks her down successfully and then another elite soldier joins them and tries to excessively escalate the situation ?WTF? Imo this is the kind of "cheap" drama shite, i really despise.

The script and dialogues are rather shallow, unrealistic, mostly unbelievable and definitely exaggerated / disproportionate
Acting is rather bad and "psycho-drama" is REALLY bad! Main Cha... ra.... cter... is... a... ro...bot...!

So if you care for a technical ok-to-well made action-thriller, this might be ok for you
... but if you care for believable quality script and drama, this might be not for you smile

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I have to be honest, but while Bodyguard is NOTHING like Tokyo Vice, I much prefered Bodyguard.

You seem to have this huge love for Tokyo Vice like it has changed your life or something.

2020.  Meh.

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No, i don't - but i like nice high quality shows, because they are rare!
... and no, it defiantly didn't

What makes you write something like that? Not sure i should feel offended ...