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Clive Owen-led drama which centers around writer Dashiell Hammett's great detective Sam Spade, the protagonist of Hammett's 1930 classic "The Maltese Falcon".


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No comments yet? I am kind of undecided... first episode is VERY slow. And I am not sure I like Clive Owen's interpretation of Sam Spade. Also the scenery is a bit receptive and dull but overall great visuals and I just like the "style"... will see if it picks up in ep2 or ep3...


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I like it, but third ep is also very slow (even at my watching speed of 2.3x). Haven't seen the latest ep yet.


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Well i always wondered if Owen has any talent in acting whatsoever, i am still not sure, but this show defiantly pulls me into the "no talent at all, but a stoic face"- corner ...

This script/plot and these characters had soooo much potential, but: its just so meaningless and boring.
Dramaturgy =0, Dialogs= 0, Direction = ? not more then a 3
Good acting only with very limited characters like Teresa and Jean-Pierre - maybe here and there others

The extreme urge to fast forward, and the disappointment that another episode went by without meaning, entertainment or anything really interesting or believable ssen.
... so sad, soooo much wasted potential! Do i really want to watch the last EP6?

Actually quite similar to "A Murder at the End of the World", is Owen the culprit who showers us with unutilized potentials?


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Just brought myself to watch/endure the last ep06...
So robotic, lifeless and dull ...
... best example so far is ep06, about 14m in: The main character has a visit by a certain "fellow detective" - the dialogue is so amazingly stupid and mechanic, without any natural speech pattern - its almost funny yikes yikes yikes


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Alfre Woodard is always fun, but the finale wasn't particularly satisfying. really the plot of the kid was dumb to me throughout. 3 stars from me.