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Set in modern-day Korea, Moving tells the story of a group of superpowered individuals who hide their true abilities from the world in order to protect their families from harm and exploitation.

This show is 18+.

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The quiet lives of three high school students with genetic superhuman abilities turn upside down when a mysterious organization starts to hunt them down one by one.

Children with superpowers and their parents with painful pasts face enormous dangers together.

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Re: Moving [Disney+ Singapore KR: Drama / Action / Superhero]

Wizard wrote:

Also check out these which I quite enjoyed:

Thanx for the tip, i really enjoyed this one!

Since i quite like good superhero shows and movies i got very curious when i watched the trailer smile
... and i was not disappointed!

I rate this a clear 4★-show cool, but its a wild one, definately wild.

So what is this show?

It's a bit of "Heroes", a bit of "Invincible" and something very different, very sensual and maybe "warm"?
In addition you get lots of Retro-007-feelings, and then we have the other side, Bullets, high-end-action scenes with mostly quite amazing special effects and then comes... blood and bodyparts... yes, the first episodes let you expect something very, very different, but here comes the 18+ violent content, well thats the "invincible"-part big_smile.

Is it well done?

Yes, yes indeed - if it wern`t for some exceptions, this show would be more-or-less flawless and top-notch!

Which exceptions?
Well some minor special-effects are bad. Mostly its the script, that is VERY detailed and sometimes felt it takes a little bit too long, or better some episodes have a lot of really good content, but the presentation is maybe a bit too uninteresting. Its not really boring, but something alike.
Then there is another small issue, but since it might count as spoiler, please look in the spoilere d"warning" below.
The last point is acting, its good - sometimes maybe even very good, but in some episodes you also encounter rather mediocre acting mostly from support roles - but not only.

Directing is ok and some is good - i think most of the described issues above are due to directing & script shortcomings, but its not mayor.
Plot, drama, dialogues are great, only minus are again, the described issues
Technicals are all very good: Light, cut, sound
Special Effects are mostly exeptional and will get really bombastic later on, often better than many blockbusters cool big_smile cool
Music is mostly ok - sometimes quite good
Characters are very/extremely detailed written and played, you will see a lot of sensuallity and deep character actions, emotions and origins
In general you might notice an enormous amount of detail in special effects, mask, continuity and setup

It seems there was a massive budget available cool

... and now i really look forward to season 2, if there will be one wink

One "warning" in advance, beware the spoiler cool


So - i said the show is wild, this goes especially for the script:
1. You'll see massive variation from romantic high school drama to bone crushing action and gore..
2. The show has destinct parts, which for me personally lessened my viewing experience a bit
What does that mean? I don't want to spoil anything but expect the following three parts, each lasting about 1/3 of the show
Part   I= Base & Main Characters & High School
Part  II= Origins & History (Very different viewing experience)
Part III= A mix of I+II & Conclusions & Climax and Finale (You notice a massive step-up here, be prepared for some blockbuster-like action)

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Re: Moving [Disney+ Singapore KR: Drama / Action / Superhero]

Yea, really liked this one.  A little slow to start but ends great.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


Re: Moving [Disney+ Singapore KR: Drama / Action / Superhero]

Wizard wrote:

Yea, really liked this one.  A little slow to start but ends great.

Ah, then I shall continue. I watched 1x1 some time ago - liked it but didn't love it.

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Re: Moving [Disney+ Singapore KR: Drama / Action / Superhero]

lighton wrote:

Ah, then I shall continue. I watched 1x1 some time ago - liked it but didn't love it.

Yes, do that - at least until ep04 smile But have a look at my spoiler, the show is very detailed and takes its time...


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