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Topic: Drops Of God (2023)



A woman discovers the world's greatest wine collection that's left by her estranged father and competes against a Japanese man to claim her inheritance.

Apple does have some gems, i enjoyed it very much.
Highly recommend!

"Au naturel maybe, thats the way i like it. Swing low, sweet chariots." Creed Bratton


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The trailer looks interesting.  I'll give it a go.

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regarding double post / no search results:


oops? I searched multiple times but could not find a post  (i always search before opening a post) - and i thought this show deserves one smile
@santah: the search still does not return this thread in the results! if i search for Drops or drops i get 4 results (3 by me, 1 from z1rra), none from dominar or this thread!

addendum: Oh i just saw that the series sites have a "forum"-link ^^ - has that been there long? Must have been blind big_smile

Well here we have a premium jewel, and my highest personally rated show ever, the only one i gave 5+? cool

I am anything but religious, so the title did not speak well to me. Then you read that the main theme is "wine" and i thought, "oh no - not another superficial high-society glamour thing... *moan*"
But the Trailer painted a completely different picture altogether -so i got curious and had a peek!
... well my mistake - it was so hard to wait a week after the 2 starting episodes!

What is the show like?

  • You like drama, deep characters, excellent script and superb acting? Watch it!

  • You also like wine? Even better! Watch it!

  • You like a strange master-plan-riddle-competitions set up by an eccentric dying man with a big treasure as prize? Watch it!

  • You like watching people evolve and grow into unexpected and great potential to survive the challenges thrown at them? Watch it!

  • You don't care about wine? That's ok, i don't either! Watch it!

  • This show is multilingual FR/JP/EN and quite multicultural - like that? Watch it!

Yes its about "wine" but no, its also NOT - this show is much more about deeply portraying the 2 main characters and their way through a chapter of their life that deeply changes them!
It is also about experiencing and discovering the sometimes overwhelming inner worlds of emotions, sensuality and the complex road of self reflection and finding oneself.

The show takes a slow start, but evolves the characters and the plot intensely - in a dramatic maybe slightly unexpected way smile

As my rating of this show is at its maximum - you are right when you assume that all other show aspects like directing, light, cut, drama, etc are excellent from my point of view also... Its quite a masterpiece with an extraordinary acting performance, especially by Fleur Geffrier!

Enjoy! smile


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Alternative summaries (more accurate)

While the world of wine mourns the death of Alexandre Léger, his estranged daughter, Camille, learns his extraordinary collection is now hers. But before she can claim her inheritance, Camille must best Alexandre’s protégé, Issei, in a test of their senses.

Camille, the daughter of the recently deceased Alexandre Léger, creator of the famous Léger Wine Guide and emblematic figure in enology, who passed away in his Tokyo home. When she travels to Tokyo in the wake of her father's death, she learns that he left her the greatest collection of wine in the world. In order to claim this inheritance, however, she must compete against a brilliant young oenologist, Issei Tomine, who her father took under his wing and is referred to in Léger’s will as his “spiritual son.”


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I thought I'd seen this thread before but when I put the title into search (yesterday) it didn't come up! I not only had seen it, I'd posted in it!

Anyway, just came to say that I watched an episode (only one iirc) but as ok as it seems it doesn't interest me a whit. I moved on and didn't look back.


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well search got even worse ^^
... now "drops" or "Drops" finds only one post, wonder what else the search does NOT find smile