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Did you buy the game at launch or just recently, because they patched a lot of problems since launch.

Yeah, I tried it during christmas during steam sale, so it was recent. And yeah, I tried most of the things you mentioned. Airflow is definitely not an issue, I have a mesh case and lots of fans and a very good cooler. And I experienced no crashes, just FPS slowdowns.

Anyway I wasn't so enamored with the game to waste a lot of time trying to find a working setup (which shouldn't be this hard given my rig as well big_smile).

I have run all the recent titles with very high settings no problems in frame drops of temperatures getting high. Ruled it a "not worth the effort".

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Re: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order / Survivor

@Z1rra The youtube link I left for you has your setup on MAX graphic settings only getting 40 FPS, which is way too low, so I'm thinking 4K medium graphics with DLSS quality preset, might've fixed the slowdowns.


Re: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order / Survivor

Finished fallen order. My only complaint is no quick travel (which i hear the sequel has) and that they for some reason thought it a good idea to bring back the crappy map from Dark Forces 1/2 but make it not superimposable on the main screen like it was in those. If i'd had those two things i'd have actually picked up all the missed chests/secrets but noped out. Was nice that they had the most challenging fight prior to the last area as a 'do i need to go get all those extra things' check. i played on the second easiest difficulty and surprised myself that I didn't end up turning it down. I'm lousy at gaming