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bmack wrote:

I mark every show I watch as "watched", it's 90% of the reason I'm here - to track and remember where I am in a series since I'm watching on multiple platforms and can't rely on them to mark watched for me

TeaAndApathy wrote:
lighton wrote:

My gut says that many people don't mark episodes/ seasons as watched, but they might be open to rate a show. smile

I disagree. Why have it on your watchlist if you never mark an episode (or season) as watched? Not doing so would bloat your watchlist if you show all. As mods and site owners, can you look at our watchlists, i.e. take a random sample? Or set up a poll?

I've been using this site for quite some time now.

Being able to mark what shows you've watched and seasons you've finished is the game changer that'll keep me here forever. Being connected on new TV shows is the other excellent feature of the site.

You could... bring back the lifetime membership subscription option sometime though. It is my biggest regret I was a poor college student that had to live on community pantries for a semester when you last offered it 15 years ago.


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

You can also take a quick look at Request a Show (link at the bottom of the page) to see what people want added.


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xxFelixDCatxx wrote:

You could... bring back the lifetime membership subscription option sometime though. It is my biggest regret I was a poor college student that had to live on community pantries for a semester when you last offered it 15 years ago.


Yeah, that option wasn't great for Next Episode, long term.

Why not get / try Premium on the annual subscription though? It's not expensive and you know that the money from it is directly supporting my efforts here.

Also, you've been around for many years now - I'm sure you'll appreciate the features Premium brings ...


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Are you ever thinking about adding a Podcast section on site to be able to track listened/watched episodes etc. There become massive the last couple of years and I've not found a good site to track the ones I watch or listen to. Would love to be able to do that here.

My Watchlist

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Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Hm, can't you track podcasts through any podcast app?


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Small bug/issue with show pages that have more than one episode airing at the same time.

A show that has episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4 all showing at the same time (ie: https://next-episode.net/phoenix-eden17), when you click the "Episode Summary" link, it shows the summary for the last episode in the group.

Maybe either remove that for multi-episode entries or show the first episode details.

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When clicking on Episode Summary in "Previous Episode", it'll give you the summary for literally the previous episode (so if multiple episodes - the last one of them).

Episode Summary in "Next Episode" section will give you the summary for the very next episode (so the first one if there are multiple episodes airing the same day).

I think that makes sense, no?

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Re: Features/Improvements Requests

I am a premium member and loving all the extra bits and pieces that I can access.

I was wondering in the 'Calendar" section if it is possible to add an option to have it in list form.  I love the simplicity of the "Today's, Tomorrow's and Yesterday's TV Episodes" on the home page with the Show, episode number and episode name. I would love something like that as an option for the Calendar.

I know that you have the Weekly TV Schedule but as I said I really love the simplicity of the home page and would love to have that option for each month in the calendar.


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Perhaps the options could be, 'today, 3 days, week, month'.

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Thanks for the suggestion DonnaE.

It makes sense, but it's kind of a niche request and I'm very careful trying not to clutter the interface with too many tweaks/options.

I will keep it in mind though and if anyone else would find that useful - please do comment about it in here.


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Daemonius wrote:

Perhaps the options could be, 'today, 3 days, week, month'.

This is also a good request from Daemonius


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Good Morning,

I do not know if this a site request or just me being dumb.  Is there anyway to lock the information area at the top of the page so when I scroll down my LENGTHLY list it will remain there?  I believe I asked this a while ago and I was told that it already does that but I have tried almost every popular browser out there and I cannot get it to stay and only scroll the lists.

Please help if anyone knows how.

Thank you!

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Re: Features/Improvements Requests

I'm having an issue that seems somewhat the opposite of DonnaE's request:

When viewing the Calendar page on mobile, only the single-column list view is now available.

I don't see any way to get the month-at-a-glance traditional "calendar" style view this site had previously provided, which displayed the month as seven columns (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat) in four\five rows (one for each week of the month).

Previously, opening the Calendar with the browser in Desktop mode, provided the full calendar-style view; now it's just a loooong scroll only one column wide (every day stacked one on top the other).

I don't know about anyone else's preferences, but where before I could load the page & read the whole month's schedule on one screen, I now have to scroll & scroll just to see one or two days at a time. If my screen were 150×150px, I might find this useful, but with an HD screen there's plenty of room to display the whole month on one screen & I'm really missing that feature a lot, immediately upon trying to use the overly zoomed-in scrolling version.

Is there any way this could become a Calendar setting in preferences? (7 column calendar view, versus single-column dayplanner view) Or else, restoring the calendar-style 7 column view, for browsers claiming a Desktop version?


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ProphetZarquon wrote:

Or else, restoring the calendar-style 7 column view, for browsers claiming a Desktop version?

Hmm... On Android, https://next-episode.net/calendar/#today looks the same as on desktop when I enable "desktop" in the browser.


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@ProphetZarquon - Yes on mobile, if you tap the "Desktop" link in the footer of the page - you'll get the desktop version of the calendar as you want it?

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Re: Features/Improvements Requests

@lighton Yes, exactly. Previously (last week), selecting Desktop mode in the browser, gave me a 7-column calendar layout of the Calendar page; whereas now, selecting either Desktop or Mobile mode in the browser, gives the same 1-column long-scroll layout of the Calendar page.

@santah Works perfect! Thank you so much.

(I'd looked for calendar view adjustments in the settings, & scrolled down to the bottom to look for other areas of the site, but somehow the word "Desktop" on the webpage footer, didn't even register with me?  :facepalm:  I would still tend to think of 7-column vs 1-column layouts as being more of a preference, rather than either being specific to one device type; similar to choosing whether Sat/Sun starts the week. Perhaps that's why I didn't find the rather obvious toggle you'd so graciously provided!)

Thanks again for running such a truly useful & no-nonsense site. I recommend it often!


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Can you add Max to 'set service' section please.


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

mad10000 wrote:

Can you add Max to 'set service' section please.

Please use HBO for now. It'll eventually be renamed to Max.


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Is there anywhere to see a “total time” of a show? With some older/completed shows, I’d like to see how long it would take to watch it, so I can determine if/when I want to dedicate that time. I’ve seen that somewhere else before, but I have no idea where that was.


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

There is no way to see "total time", but you can easily calculate it by multiplying the metrics visible in the show details page - (Episodes x Runtime)/60 will give you "total time" in hours.



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PEM wrote:

Suggestions ;

1. Please add a setting for the number of days that "TV schedule" displays.
I'd like to see more than the next 6 days.

Any update on this ?

[ https://forum.next-episode.net/viewtopi … 17#p179017 ]


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

It's still in the TODO!


Re: Features/Improvements Requests

Greetings! Many of my subscribed shows are not showing up on the new episodes page. Keep up the good work!


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JanePet wrote:

Many of my subscribed shows are not showing up on the new episodes page.

Which ones for example, so I can take a look?


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I have a question. The new NCIS: Sydney shows for me that it's got a new episode on Friday but in the US it's showing on Tuesdays.  Is that something I have set wrong or is it showing on Friday's in other countries? Or am I just lost and don't know what I'm doing? I was looking for the new episode on Saturday and couldn't find it. <grin>
Thank you for looking into this for me.