Re: Barry

I can see how some wouldn't like it, it wasn't what I was expecting.

I liked it though.

Gonna miss this show.
All I have left to do now is convince others to watch it.


Re: Barry

4x8 - wow

What an empty forgettable ending.  Wow.  Conan O'Brien was right, they wrote themselves into a corner and just stayed there.


The only joke was Barry with two automatic rifles on his back like Rambo walking through the store down the toy section surrounded by kids and out the front door and into his car and nobody said a thing, like it was totally normal.  lolz.   After that, everything else was kind of pitiless.

The movie with the fake version of Barry's life, felt like an ending for the sons benefit, who, we as an audience felt nothing for, and the son already knew the truth about Barry and Sally because Sally told him the truth and he lived it, so it seemed unnecessary.

Fuches lives and Barry dies also doesn't sit right.


Re: Barry

Hey hey!

I actually liked the ending of this series. It started to go crazy in seasons 2-3 already.
I believe the characters in the show get what they deserve given their pasts and how they decided to adapt.