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Ep 8, great episode angle, the media heads shaping the election.

The "media heads" being dipshit lost boy Ken, evil conniving Shiv and idiot child Roman. LOL.

Tom and Gregg were in top form. Totally stupid how people keep trusting Gregg with the inside goss.

Have we been shown why this


Prez Mencken is so evil? Shiv was absolutely distressed as shit when he won. Or was that just cos her conniving with Matsson had just gone belly up?

only 2 eps left, guess the funeral and some election/Matsson fallout. Surely not enough time to bring into play

- the files Gregg has
- Ken killing that guy a few seasons ago
- Marcia swooping in and rogering the lot of them

There was another red herringish one I was thinking of but damnit I forgot...

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dat shirt


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Now that was a decent ending.  So much back-stabbing, so many twists and turns and some damn fine acting to boot.

2020.  Meh.


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So who "won" The Game of Thrones I mean Dickheads?


Matsson the slightly dippy bullshit artist that's who
Tom CEO. Also "won" although he is totally expendable so he aint "won" shit at all. The eurodickhead's "pain sponge"
Greg: Haha, CEO Tom will pay dumbarse Greg a dogshit salary of 20k and Greg will just eat shit. Although doesnt Greg still have the files on Tom?
Shiv: shanked Ken. To stay close to the $$. Too scared Ken would fuck her bottom line. She has to always win or at least never lose.
Hugo, Gerri, Karl and Frank slither their way in but swedewank is about to shitcan Karl and Frank Waldorf lol
Kendall: laughing stock. always has been but now he really knows it.
Roman: also fucked but also seemed to come to terms with it. "We're all bullshit".
Willa: LOL trying to get away from poor Con. With 20 mins to go in the entire series I thought that scene showing Con basically losing her was kind of unnecessary.
Colin: that final scene of him trailing Ken in the park. He still has the dirt on him killing someone and always will haha

Liked the setting of Mummy's luxury country villa. Really hit home how futile the dipshit kiddies big biz corporate aspirations are. Just take it easy ffs. Buy a house like that and dick around all day. Enjoy the millions you already have. Morning swim, rum punch, loaf in the sun, leisurely lunch, arvo siesta, fun dinner, bit of music in the evening then beddie byes. No big biz stress, just enjoying the life that's right there on tap for you forever and ever.

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4x10 - With Open Eyes

Empty people learning they are empty.  I'll be honest, it's kind of a dumb show when there's zero character development. lolz. A well produced ride to nowhere.


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No character development? totally disagree but yeah its mostly about how awful

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