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The Witcher in 15 Minutes | Netflix

If you need a recap of The Witcher Season 1 before Season 2 arrives, let us guide you through the events of Season 1, from the incident in Blaviken to the Battle of Sodden Hill, in chronological order.

Damn... I had forgotten how much happened in season 1! yikes

I hope to find the time to start watching season 2 soon. smile


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Wow, thanks for that.
I watched season 2 but was wondering what was going on - that helped me remember a lot of stuff.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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I can't speak to the games but they're really far afield of the books after s2. That's a good thing as the books are boring as hell.


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Just finished it and I think it was Better Than Season One!



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Agreed, getting rid of the unexplained time jumps helped a ton. Not to mention keeping the singing mostly confined to pubs so i could hit the skip forward button without missing story.


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Who is playing Geralt now?


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I think it's still Cavill for s3 and Liam Hemsworth for s4