Re: Succession

Ep 8, great episode angle, the media heads shaping the election.

The "media heads" being dipshit lost boy Ken, evil conniving Shiv and idiot child Roman. LOL.

Tom and Gregg were in top form. Totally stupid how people keep trusting Gregg with the inside goss.

Have we been shown why this


Prez Mencken is so evil? Shiv was absolutely distressed as shit when he won. Or was that just cos her conniving with Matsson had just gone belly up?

only 2 eps left, guess the funeral and some election/Matsson fallout. Surely not enough time to bring into play

- the files Gregg has
- Ken killing that guy a few seasons ago
- Marcia swooping in and rogering the lot of them

There was another red herringish one I was thinking of but damnit I forgot...

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Re: Succession

dat shirt


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