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Topic: Payment & Suggestion

Just suggesting that you add couple payment features to app outside of playstore so when playstore updates decline transactions you have multiple ways to pay like PayPal or through debit.

Also side note on payment but would be nice if there were a custom amount option for patron after the 1 year price it could still be for a year but would allow you to pay 20,40,50,100... and so on to further donate to the cause


Re: Payment & Suggestion

Thanks for the suggestions.

What do you mean by "when playstore updates decline" ?

As for the custom patronage amounts - you can easily get multiple "months" at once to donate more?



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Sorry I may have mislead you by mistake I said playstore updates however it could have been one of the app, updates, one of the many pay features or many other problems in the codding that has consecutively declined payments from multiple users/people and bank accounts
I can't check any technical specs of playstore or app but most times it's some update on there side that causes decline of transactions however sometimes it's case of app itself,  since the online web accounts have worked on payments for next episode I figure that playstore may be closer to the cause but as I said I can only speculate I don't have the data
I hope I hav not wasted anyone's time just wanted to let you guys/girls know about problem so it could be fixed ive said same to guys at playstore before usually they just recommend to clear all data and cache or to reinstall again if bothersome sorry for wasting time I'll still be using app and web version on my accounts, thanks for listening


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