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Re: The Mandalorian

paisley1 wrote:

Huge sets in this season though, I think they doubled the scale, sure feels that way.

Ha, I had the same impression! smile

Looks like they moved to the new StageCraft volume:

In September 2020, it was announced that a second permanent volume was being created at Manhattan Beach Studios in Los Angeles, in addition to the first built for The Mandalorian, which was expected to be completed in March 2021; one at Pinewood Studios in London, to open in February 2021; and a larger, custom one at Fox Studios Australia. These new volumes would be larger, use more LED panels, and offer higher resolution than the original Manhattan Beach one.

And this bit from an article about the StageCraft limitations surprised me:

It has another drawback, as well, Favreau revealed. "The exterior stuff with sunlight is the one thing you really can't do well here," he says. "So we still have outdoor sets that we go to with traditional blue screen ... What we've learned is when the light hits the walls, it reflects. The screen reflects."


Re: The Mandalorian

I want Carl Weathers to direct every episode. In and out, 30 minutes.

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Re: The Mandalorian

mrverene wrote:

I want Carl Weathers to direct every episode. In and out, 30 minutes.

Ya, I just saw that Carl Weathers directed 3x4 and said the same thing, such a tight edit, no wasted time, made for a great episode, love the prequel flash back.



Starbuck taking a viper out for a spin, to save the day......again.

@Lighton, ya it shows, they've expanded everything for this season.


Re: The Mandalorian

Yep, Jar Jar has never looked so good.

2020.  Meh.