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Death In Paradise is a crime drama series starring Ben Miller. DI Charlie Hulme who is loved and respected by all, including his team on the paradise island of Saint-Marie. After Charlie is discovered to have been murdered in a locked panic room during a party at a local mansion, everyone is upset. Englishman DI Richard Poole is seen as the perfect man to try and solve the murder case.

I will never get tired of this show.  It is always refreshing.  It updates often, mostly because


the British actors can only take the Island for a spell before they're yearning to get back home to the UK.

One of the actors, Danny John-Jules aka Officer Dwayne Myers also played Cat in Red Dwarf.  It took me a long time to realize the connection between the characters (ie same actor).

So, basically, it's about a small (fictitious) Island police station, St Marie (or San Marie) with adorable characters whom it is not hard at all to like.  In every episode there is a murder to be worked out and the DI usually has an epiphany at some point in the investigation shortly after which the suspects are gathered together and the DI presents what he's figured out and someone is arrested.

There are after work scenes at Catherine's Bar, at which they sit outdoors and enjoy beers and chat.

The Detective Inspector is provided his own ocean side hut replete with a lizard, Harry (CGI), who pops up in scenes throughout the series.


Then there is the Commissioner (Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson) who is a steady stable character who oversees things like hiring police staff and checking in periodically on staff and cases.

If you haven't watched it before I suggest you try it out.  You'll have miles to go whereas I'm in the current season (s11 e6) and must wait season to season and week to week for new episodes.


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Just want to remind you guys that there's a Death in Paradise Christmas special on Monday!

W00t!  w00t!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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Am I the only one here that absolutely loves this program?  The new season is underway!


I'm wondering if this DI is yankering to get back home to the UK like those before him who can only take so long living on the Island before they experience home sickness.  The ending of episode 2 had a little intrigue that made me think they were prepping for a departure I just hope they don't kill him off.