Topic: DNA (Danish Show)

Can you please update the Episode names on DNA smile


https://play.tv2.dk/serie/dna-tv2 (official site where its being showed in denmark)

Season 1

EP 1: Minna
EP 2: Tranummanden
EP 3: Babylugen
EP 4: Victoria
EP 5: Klosteret
EP 6: Bliss
EP 7: Moster Nova
EP 8: Giv det videre

Season 2

EP 1: Hepatitis
EP 2: 19 døde
EP 3: Græsruten
EP 4: De ukendtes grav



Re: DNA (Danish Show)

Thanks for reporting this.

Switched the source for this series to TVMaze.com (from TheTVDB.com) and it should be now ok.


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Re: DNA (Danish Show)

I've just finished the 3rd episode of DNA.  Quite interesting.  I'm hooked.

One place/time where I rolled my eyes but I'll save it to put in a spoiler in a thread about this program if and when one gets opened in TV Shows Discussion section.