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I think the showrunners said that season 4 is probably the last season, so I think we got one more to look forward to.


Re: The Umbrella Academy [Action, Adventure, Comedy]

halne wrote:

Next-episode has the show marked as a Returning Series. Does that just mean that they haven't officially announced it's finished?

The info on our show pages just reflects the site's current knowledge about shows, which mostly depends on our source sites.


Re: The Umbrella Academy [Action, Adventure, Comedy]

halne wrote:

I don't know what everyone else thought about season 3. I thought season 1 was quite special, season 2 lost its way and its magic, while season 3 seemed a bit contrived early on, especially the humour, but it won me over by the end, particularly the last two episodes.

I finally found the time to finish season 3 and I agree! It felt like they wanted to move the show towards an ending in case they wouldn't get season 4 approved, but I'm happy that we'll get one last season.

I found Who Is The Woman With Reginald At The End Of The Umbrella Academy Season 3? interesting and 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3: Ending Explained, Every Lingering Question Answered even more so:

Who's Abigail Hargreeves?

Surprisingly, Abigail Hargeeves was first introduced all the way back at the beginning of the season 1 finale. The mysterious scene takes place "long ago" on what appears to be a farm on a different planet, where several rockets launch into the sky. It suggests Abigail and Reginald are husband and wife -- and both aliens. On Abigail's deathbed, she asks Reginald to take her violin with him and give it to someone else to cherish (of course, Viktor ends up being the recipient). "The world needs you, Reggie," she says. Did Reginald and Abigail's planet die?


Was Reginald's plan all along to create The Umbrella Academy and use his children as an energy source for the universe-resetting machine to bring Abigail and their original planet back?

Maybe season 4 will have those answers.

Damn, I had mostly forgotten those scenes from the beginning of the season 1 finale! I watched those again after finishing season 3, and now everything makes more sense. smile