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Topic: Wedding Season [ST?R Network]

This topic is about the ST★R Network (Disney+) series developed by Oliver Lyttelton which can be found streaming on Hulu in the US, not the NETFILX movie developed by Shiwani Srivastava of the same name and released the same year.

We meet Katie McConnell on her wedding day, a young man named Stefan objects at the wedding, he thinks she really loves him and they should runaway together... she disagreed. After a punch in the face Stefan, a young doctor, heads off only to be arrested a short time later. The police inform him that Katie's new in-laws were all poisoned at the reception and she has gone missing and the young doctor is a likely suspect.

The story of Katie & Stefan's affair at various weddings over the summer comes to light as Stefan goes on the run with her to find out the truth. Did Katie's ex-husband do it? Is Katie the type of person to celebrate her wedding day surrounded by the dead bodies of her new husband and every member of his family? Or is she being framed?
No one knows what the truth is but everyone must find out before more people die.


  • Rosa Salazar as Katie  - a manic-pixie dream girl with a dark past and a dead husband.

  • Gavin Drea as Stefan - a lovesick doctor in over his head and looking for the way out.

  • George Webster as Hugo - Katie's rich (dead) fiancé who was kind of an @$$hole.

  • Jade Harrison as DCI Metts - a police detective with doubts (bad cop).

  • Jamie Michie as DI Donahue - a police detective with a heart (good cop).

Rounding off the cast, as Stefan's friend are Callie Cooke as Leila, Bhav Joshi as Anil, Ioanna Kimbook as Suji and Omar Baroud as Jackson.

I just finished watching the first season/series of Wedding Season and it was excellent, I found myself compelled like I haven't been in an age to binge this action rom-com thriller! It felt more like a longform movie than a lot of other serialized story telling happening right now. The performances, the well layered characters and all the behind-the-scene work combine into electrifying episode after episode!

Anyone else have an opinion?