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Well my interest in Lost is really back smile

I have a theory about the button. Did you notice that Henry didn't push the button. At least we haven't seen him doing it wink
There was no big bang but some hours later there was food dropping out of the sky. Maybe the button is just a kind of test if everybody is fine. If not, they can't push the button and they need food...

What do you think, does this make sense?

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Not really.. cuz if they can't push the button how can they get the food? I think its some timed sequense because the doors came down suddenly maybe to keep everybody in so they won't see how the supplies where dropped? Or maybe it has something to do with Hurly(?) destroying his stash.

Just too many things it could be. Although both of them are surely connected I can't figure it out yet..

btw anybody else thinking the supplies are dropped from a balloon and maybe someway connected to Henry?

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"Henry" is not from the balloon, he is one of "the others".

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hehe, haven't seen the last episode but who says the balloon isn't from the others? :-#

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Home you have watched the last episode now. If not don't read more...

The real Henry is dead and he has made more than one slipup when questioned i the hatch.

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kinda offtopic, but my faith in lost is also almost back smile

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Since the season 2 finale left more questions open than it answered I thought it's a good idea to start all over.

Here are some facts

Henry seems to be the boss of The Others
They don't live in tents - that was a hoax - it's totally unknown were The Others live
The Button was real to 'shut down' the magnetic field
There was a failsave to 'blow' this thing up - which was triggert and Des, Locke and Ekko could to be dead
The Pearl was a hoax too and all journals were wasted
Desmond seems to be responsible for the plane crash

Well - all this seems to be a good story base for season 3.

What do you think? smile

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I'm like totally wtf is this all about.. tongue

Seriously this last "episode" brought back my interrest in Lost again. But for the time being I have more questions then answers or theories to share with you smile