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Re: Westworld

Tasviewer wrote:

It wasn't that bad, it wrapped it all up


leaving us back at the start for 1 final chance but with Deloris knowing what she is at the start


Yes, as I understood


Dolores OS is running on some supercomputer and she can build a whole virtual world, and also has access to all hosts data and can run them there. And the "test" I assume is to run it for a while and see if hosts can behave in there. Meanwhile in the real world most of people killed each other - this aspect was not shown if they stopped controling humans or not. Plus a confusing line "sentient life on Earth has ended" - she meant just hosts, right? Since obviously some humans survived. Or they don't count as sentient anymore? big_smile

And that also means that no host characters actually are killed and in the next season they all can be back in virtual version.

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Re: Westworld

50/50 will be S05

https://gizmodo.com/westworld-season-5- … 1849414483

Actually this show also can end here, I don't see it as a cliffhanger - all started with humans exploiting hosts, then turned out that hosts are even worse than humans and there is no perfect world. Score settled, can move on. S05 most likely will be something super entangled - they can make it if after all the drama Pinkman pulls the plug, that's how I would end it smile