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The series explores what would have happened if the global space race had never ended.

In an alternate timeline,,  in 1969 a Soviet cosmonaut,  Alexei Leonov, becomes the first human to land on the Moon.  This outcome devastates morale at NASA,  but also catalyzes an American effort to catch up.  With the Soviet Union emphasizing diversity by including a woman in subsequent landings,  the United States is forced to match the pace,  by training women and minorities,  whom were largely excluded from the initial decades of the U.S. space exploration program.


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I like it myself, an interesting take on what could have happened in an alternative earth if things had gone a little different in the space race.

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thanks for that I will take a look.


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Just watch 3x01 and was bored.  There was just no sense of suspense at all.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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I agree it was a boring poorly done season opener compared to the last season. Lets hope for better writing for the rest of the episodes


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03x04 was one of the best episodes yet.

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While I like this, what annoys me is that everyone is so... nice.  Things that would really annoy me if they happened to me just get accepted with a smile and sometimes a cuddle, and I think "No!  In real life you'd be sworn at and despised forever."  Something happens and I think "Ooooh, they're not going to like that!", but no, everyone just "understands".

I work in a very big place, with alot of people.  When someone does something good, while you might mutter under your breath "well done", or "nice one mate", we don't whoop, cheer and clap, jump around and throw our fists in the air.

Maybe I'm just too English.

2020.  Meh.


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Duplicat wrote:

S3x05 ,,
  WAHOOO !!  ,,  Team work makes the Dream work..
[ congrats , handshaking , cheering , clapping , jumping around and fist pumping the air ]
BUT WAIT ! ...  There appears to be some controversy... (and after everyone was getting along so nicely)
The officials are reviewing the slow-motion instant replay..

Stay tuned,  we'll be back after another exciting week of commercials,, an other stuff.


"" I can't see clearly bruh , the dust ain't gone..  I think there is obstacles in our way..
Gone are the dark clouds that had radar blind..  It's gonna be a bright RED sunshiny day ""


Well they did happen to have NASA's engine design on their ship


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Still watching and about to watch 3x09, I really like the show so far.


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Duplicat wrote:

Just when you thought that the drama of a ménage à trois of Space administrations were reluctantly starting to gel, and that the mishaps of living on Mars were starting to wind-down for the upcoming season closer.
2 bombshells get dropped in the ending of the episode, and the episode closer is a DOOZY.

Just watched it and damn you're right, can't wait for the next one that episode left me on the edge of my seat.


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Man, i dont know what to say. Found it very exiting on the way to Mars, but somehow they tend to stop in the middle of an action scene, and just fast forward. And backtrack it with boring dialog instead.

And as soon as they land on Mars the show goes downhill.

Like what the hell, you are basically trapped on a planet, and then you go and get pregnant, how the f would an astronaut or cosmonaut even consider this being a viable move? Are they braindead? Didn't even consider the consequences for a child birth at a life threatening mission?
These people are supposed to be the best trained people on the earth. But apparently no one have a brain.

And then they decide to let the stupid pregnant girl be launched out in space, while the rest stay put and die, just because she couldnt swallow instead of getting a cream pie.

And then we magically have a north korean mars landing.... cmon what the f.

And then all the closet gay stuff happening, that noone cared about in the late 90s.. In the west at least. But i guess in this universe it's a big f deal.

Not to mention the stupid sub plot with hippies bombing nasa, like cmon.

So many stupid things are happening its impossible to take the show serious. I'm realizing now while ranting that i dislike almost every character and storylines in this show. Guess I should have stopped watching a long time ago, I'm just too starved for sci fi to let go.


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I liked this show and with the ending of e10 it will be interesting to see how S4 picks up the threads. Not too worried about the things that @Moze mentions I just liked it for entertainment without reading too much into it.