Topic: "New Episodes"-Notifications are 1 day offset

I'm using the Android app and I used to use the "1 day airdates offset" option. Due to this option the notifications for new episodes were also offset by one day - everything worked as expected.

I recently switched off the "1 day airdates offset" option and on the "next" tab everything looks correct, but the notifications are still offset by one day. So today I got the notification for the show that aired yesterday, but not the shows that I can see for today on my next tab.

How can I fix that?


Re: "New Episodes"-Notifications are 1 day offset

There is a text below the "New Episodes" notification toggle you mentioned, which explains what it does:

"Once a day push notification about new (already aired) episodes from My Shows.

It is not affected by the "1 day offset" option.

You can turn on the "Upcoming Episodes" notification to get notified about episodes before they air.



Re: "New Episodes"-Notifications are 1 day offset

Oh! So whatever options I choose, the daily notification aka New Episodes (I think it usually comes at 9:00 in the morning for me) always displays the shows that aired the day before? Thanks for clarifying, although the description should have been enough big_smile sorry

I love to see one notification in the morning where I get an overview of all the shows that air on that day. Now with all the streaming platforms available in my country they are usually available on that morning already.

I'll give the "Upcoming Episodes" notification a try and see if it works for me smile