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Topic: The Lazarus Project - Airdates

TVMaze shows all episodes of season one as aired.
https://www.tvmaze.com/shows/60414/the- … t/episodes

Here only episode one is aired.

It would be awsome if sombody could switch the source from TheTVDB to TVMaze since i already watched the whole season and would like to mark it as watched.


Re: The Lazarus Project - Airdates

Thanks for reporting this.

Switched the source for this series to TVMaze.com (from TheTVDB.com) and it should be now ok.



Re: The Lazarus Project - Airdates

Seems to be a common problem with Brit shows. Sometimes they'll show as all available when it's week to week, sometimes the opposite as in this and https://next-episode.net/the-midwich-cuckoos which has the same problem currently. I always assumed it had to do with streaming vs. broadcast.