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Only seen up to episode 4 thus far, but it has been a top tier show thus far. Show had gone under the radar for me, and by the looks of it, most users on this site. Good mix of fresh faces, B-listers and I'd say Miles Teller is an A-lister at this point. Easily 5-rating from me. Edged out Severance and I doubt there will be a better show this year.


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I like it. I'm caught up on it. Giovanni Riunite is hamming it up a bit but most of the cast is stellar. As far as my favorite new show of the past couple months it's behind Slow Horses by a good bit but it's about even with We Own This City and Winning Time.


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Critics dislike it, audience loves it on rottentomatoes - never seen that go wrong TBH.

At this point I ought to scrape and rank movies and shows by some formula based on that phenomenon.


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Finished it. Liked it quite a bit. Good acting, good entertainment value. Nice compact 10 eps and out.

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S1x01  ,,  WHOA , this is good , really good.  I'll dive in to a few more episodes before saying "GREAT".
The energy , pace ,  bits of dark humor , and social engineering leaves you hanging for the next scene.  Not to mention all the name-dropping of historical tv shows , movies and actors that changed American society FOREVER.
I love getting in to the behind-the-scene ,,  the nuts-n-bolts ,, and watching-how-the-soup-is-made type of stuff. And this is gonna be VERY entertaining to watch.



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Finale:  EXCELLENTO !   5 Paws



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Just finished watching the 10 episodes.  What a fantastic show!