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American Justice's 15th season actually continues from March 25, 2022, ep:

5/13/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1514) A TRAGIC NIGHT IN DALLAS
5/6/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1513) Bad Blood
4/29/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1512) A Family Vanished
4/22/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1511) In the Company of a Killer
4/15/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1510) Judge, Jury, and Executioner
4/8/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1509) Money, Lies, and Murder
4/1/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1508) Loved to Death
3/25/22 (Fr.)    10:00 PM    A&E    (#1507) Fame, Football, Fatality


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Doesn't seem to be updated either on TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com (where we get the schedules from).

Hopefully they'll catch up with the episodes for this show and the info will be reflected on Next Episode right away.



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