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Confused about how this works. For website, I can get premium. So... does this allow me to see when the next episode of a show in my watchlist is aired on the specific streaming services I have? Just because a show is aired today on discovery channel doesn't mean it's on discovery+ yet, may be months later in some cases.

So, assuming it does work this way on website, then, does this then carry over to the IOS app watchlist?


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The streaming availability feature is not available on the iOS app.

On the website, even without Premium - you can see what is available to stream where.

If you need to change the country - you can start the 30 Premium trial to see if you like it and if these features are what you're after and cancel at any time - if they're not.

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Ok, did premium. On the website, I have a show. Married at First Sight Australia. I go to episodes and set service. However, it shows on the right hand side on the home screen or in the calendar as S09E37 comin up on channel "Nine" an Australian channel on Monday at 4:30am. Being in the US, I of course can't watch that. Instead, it airs on lifetime, and the last episode there was S09E01, with EP02 coming up Apr 6.

So, it appesrs next-episode is not considering what services I have access to so it can properly show next airing date, am I correct in that? Not a feature?

That's the problem I am trying to solve. Can't find a service that shows the correct next watch date for all my shows. Esp episodes that don't show up on discovery+ on the same day they may air on discovery. In the example above, if the next episode date matched the next air date on Lifetime (where it airs), I would be golden.


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Go here:


And find the "Stream on" section on this page.

There, it should show you where it streams in the US (if available).

To enable this in the Episodes page, you can turn it on here:

https://next-episode.net/settings?actio … ngservices

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Yes, that does show where it airs, which is not my point. On the next air date, which is Apr 6, it doesn't show in my calendar to watch, and nothing I do makes it show. This is my purpose for using next-episode, so I don't forget to watch things I don't even know I have otherwise. Many of these streaming services don't have a list of unwatched recordings without opening up everything on your watch list. The point of me trying to find a service like this is so it tells me:

Here's is the list of all new shows today in my watchlist that exist on my streaming services. I don't want to manually look at anything, too much wasted time.

What DOES show in my calendar is australian channels that show it, which are not on my streaming services list. And they are 30 some episodes ahead of the US showings.


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You can't use the calendar for that.

The calendar displays episodes according to their regular airing schedule.

You can use the Episodes page for that at:


There, you can mark watched everything you've watched and only the new episodes will show and pile up so that you don't forget what you have to watch.

Try it out and let me know.


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Yes, that is true as far as the episode page. So, I guess you do not have the data (for example) on when shows are aired on lifetime or any other service for that matter, you must just have a single air date for any given show.

What would be nice then is to have a way to exclude a show from the calendar, many if not all foreign shows seem to have the issue. Is there a way to exclude a specific show? The reason here is it is confusing, people see it on the calendar here and think it can be played, but it cannot.


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You can "stop tracking" a show (from the Episodes page) and then turn on an option to hide the shows you stopped tracking from the home page and from the calendar, here: