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Topic: Highway Thru Hell (and other non-USA shows)

I get a little frustrated when this site (NE) doesn't match my DVR schedule.
Specifically with regards to some non-USA shows.
A specific example is "Highway thru Hell", a Canadian show.
It has no episodes scheduled, per NE.  But that is ONLY looking at the Discovery CA airings.
This show is airing tonight on Weather Channel, according to my DVR.


IMHO, Ideally there would be a data source for USA airings, but maybe there isn't?
Ideally, I would be able to select which network/source I want in my watchlist (i.e. Discover CA vs Weather)

A similar show is
NE shows it is airing tonight, but the wrong episode number, as Weather Channels is off step from Discovery CA

Transplant is another similar situation.
NE shows it is airing tonight, but the wrong episode number, as NBC is off step from CTV

The Green Planet is a non-Canadian example.
NE implies all episodes have aired, but that is in UK via BBC.  It doesn't start showing in USA until July 6.  So I have to make a calendar entry to add it to my DVR schedule in late June.