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Topic: Food That Goes With Shows

Food That Goes With Shows

To further enhance your viewing pleasure, this forum will be dedicated to matching food and social milieu to the shows you watch.

The Wheel of Time
This is a morning show, so, enjoy with a sugary breakfast cereal of your choosing (Froot Loops, Lucky Charms), in your pajamas with a blanket, preferably on a Saturday and on a laptop with headphones, or on an old CRT, as this show is not good enough to warrant a big screen.

The Book of Boba Fett
This is a party show, so, enjoy with lots of beer (or pop) and pizza, with wisecracking sarcastic friends who have a large projector, because this is event viewing that has plenty to laugh at and requires hecklers.

Dexter: New Blood
What to eat with this?  Well that's a stupid question, ham and eggs and coffee with a blood orange by yourself at your computer in a hoodie.  Duh.

Resident Alien
Any bar food.  Wings and drinks, slice of pizza, or a burger and fries.  Also noodles.  This show can be consumed on any device.

All Procedurals including but not limited to all things that say NCIS, Law and/or Order, C S and I, etc..
Frozen TV Dinner.  Because you probably live in a geriatric ward somewhere.

...please feel free to add more, and get specific about it....


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You'll have to go shopping to prepare for this, because this is a roast beef meal with all the fixings enjoyed with the most expensive wine you can afford, to be viewed on a new Samsung QD-OLED that was just unveiled at CES that isn't even out yet.

The Expanse

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Islay single malt scotch with a cigar, and watch it live on Sundays, preferably at a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Mixed nuts and a slurpee with the surround sound up.

Star Trek: Discovery
Toilet water, because that's where this show went.

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Lost In Space
Corn on the cob and ham.  Lots of it!  As the writing is so corny and the performances are so hammed up right to the end it'll make you sick, and when you get to 308, you can use the corn and ham as a carrier for a cheese fondue!


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Moonshine and grits, in an old timey theater somewhere in the midwest, if you can swing it.  Go as widescreen as you can.

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After Life
Baked Beans or Vegetable Curry with a bottle of Wine.  Ham and cheese toasties with tea would also work.