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Watched it, mostly liked it. Some of the original Matrix (1) wow factor did shine through, I had expected more though.

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(First I'm misquoted by ColdSpirit and I corrected them,

I understand now your comment towards the trailer, although I was mentioning the movie itself. I found it terrible.
Was watchable?! Yes.
Was that Matrix (in the send it felt like the original movie and maybe the second one)? No, it was something useless and excused.

......10 ZPM's from Stargate Atlantis and there's no need for human batteries. lolz.  Hint hint, wink wink, the pursuit of an alternative power source should've been the focus of the story to dismantle the Matrix itself, and transition to a peaceful co-existence between humans and machines, which is what I'd expect after Revolutions, but instead we got...

....The Power of Love!!!! lol

I think we need some cross over films/shows?
Doctor Who v the Klingons?