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Don't Look Up



The idea that an asteroid hurdling to earth would be treated this way is more farcical than Armageddon and Deep Impact combined.  A genuine scientific group played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo Dicaprio, is sharply juxtaposed by an Idiocracy level three ring circus of politicians, journalists, and tech giants, that it just left me going...this is very preachy and very biased!  Even with that many Oscar winners, it's just an excuse to make fun of politicians, the media, and tech, and not about making a movie that works or is even funny.  The ego and conceit that only America can deal with the asteroid, and the rest of the world is useless, only served to make the movie makers mocking and preaching even more myopic and irritating, instead of what I assume was supposed to be funny.


Watching Meryl Streep get eaten by a bird at the end, was kinda great though. lol


Re: Don't Look Up

Not my cup of tea.
After you understand it's just a stab at all the climate change deniers, big tech and trump supporters, and nothing to balance it out I found it quite boring, just the same shit on repeat for the whole duration of the movie. One cliché after another.