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I'm getting ready to cancel Netflix and with all the new (to me at least) streaming services out there I was curious which of these services this community would prefer. It will be a difficult decision for some to choose just one, but I hope that after a few weeks we will see which of these services is truly most preferred by our netizens and hopefully help anyone looking to switch boats like me.

In the poll:

  • In order to be considered in the list the service has to have a user base of at least 10 million subscribers. Which I feel is a good indication of the amount/quality of their programming.

  • Some services have been left off the list because Polls cannot have more than 7 options.

  • The poll will run for 14 days.



Re: Streaming Services User Choice Poll

I chose Netflix because there are still so much for me to watch. But I also have Disney+ currently.

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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Yeah, I'm kinda with g371. We have Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime but The Husband is usually the one who watches them. I tend to watch British shows.

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Re: Streaming Services User Choice Poll

Why is there no Amazon Prime on the list, which has nearly the same number of subscribers as Netflix does?

I still would go with Netflix (unless they keep increasing the price) but was wondering. Several of my friends who are not TV junkies like i am use Prime, as they can also rent and buy newer stuff if they want and watch more movies (even tho Prime has plenty of good TV shows aswell).

I also have 3 streaming services Netflix, Prime and Disney+.



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The poll wouldn't let me add any more than 7 options to choose from, originally I had Prime and 5 others on the list as well including Peacock and YouTube Premium.

I had to cut the list short and Prime got knocked off because frankly, I'm much less interested in Amazon Prime - while they have a few interesting original series, they mostly have a cacophony of crappy documentaries and shitty videos nobody really wants to watch, and anything you do want to watch you have to pay extra for (I'm looking at you StackTV). Also because I'm tired of Prime telling me they have 3 seasons of a show, then you look and its just the same season from three different providers, and none of them have all the episodes, or they aren't even episodes from that season. Come to think of it, I actually really don't like Prime, it's disorganized and hard to navigate.

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LOST, White Collar, New Girl, Mandalorian, Loki, Scrubs, all on Disney+.  HBO max second (Succession, Westworld), Apple TV third (Ted Lasso, Foundation), Prime fourth (The Grand Tour, Tales from the Loop), and Netflix fifth (Near Pointless Derivative Wasteland lol).

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Wow... I'm pretty surprised by the results.

I wonder if the interface has something to do with this... I know it was on my mind as I voted for Hulu  tongue or if it's just that name recognition thing as to why most folks use the service/voted that way?

Oh and for the record I too have Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBOMax and Apple+ (free year on that last one)



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TheFizza wrote:

Wow... I'm pretty surprised by the results.

Me too! Specially since I started the whole thing by saying I was cancelling Netflix... and looking for alternatives, lol

I guess I also thought there would be more votes over the 2 weeks