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Wish I'd read this before watching ep 8 so i could've just not.

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I still enjoy the concept of this show though.  If they made the central premise about transitioning women into men's jobs, highlighting their competence in those positions, and making the drama and unifying theme about the practical struggle to survive through developing connections between all nations, instead of internal politics, strange cults, minority values, and disconnection, this show would've been far more enjoyable.


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It's fine, there are far worse shows than this one.


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While I agree that there were some questionable events in the first season we have to remember that the world in this show has changed over night, the women that are left in it have suffered the traumatic and horrifying loss of their husbands, sons, fathers, brothers and grandfathers.  All of whom spit up their insides through their mouth, often times right in front of the women. Not to mention the complete collapse of the financial markets, logistics networks and worker economy. Their will be no more food in boxes, no more money, and no more easy rides. The idea that these remaining women would be suffering from PTSD and other psychological breaks makes complete sense. From an outside in view, it can seem that these women are doing weird and crazy things, but in fact they are just trying to make sense of the new world they find themselves in. Its not unheard of in the real world for instance for people to completely disassociate with reality even creating a reality of their own, to protect themselves from the horrors they've witnessed.

I agree that the fact that we didn't see any chatter about who could be behind this attack (if it is one) is weird, especially for an American show, but I think we have to remember that only a short amount of time has passed since all the men have died, so priorities still need to be set.

I think this show has a lot of potential, the characters in it have a lot of wiggle room right now to carve out their story and the writers can do some interesting things to help that along.

I was reading today that this show is being shopped around to other streaming services and that there is a good chance it will be picked up. Personally I hope it is picked up by someone like HBOmax.

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I've been trying to decide if I should finish the series knowing it will not have resolution... one of many... at least this version won't but though it took 10 years this incarnation of the very excellent Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan with Illustrators Paul Chadwick, Pia Guerra, Goran Sudžuka, Claudia Fliege and José Marzán Jr.

Though I was willing to stick with Y for multiple seasons as I consider the source material as one of my absolute favorite DC VERTIGO books ( which is saying a lot, trust me wink ). that being said, there were a lot of elements that didn't seem to be working in this version of the Eisner Award story. The most glaring to me was the casting... I mean they looked kind of like the artists rendition but they didn't seem to work.

Again this is just my clearly subjective opinion.

In the end however I do feel like the series does plenty right... or should I say it presents the right ingredients but somehow when they are mixed together wrong. I know a lot of folks who were waiting for the season to be over before watching and they're all wondering if they should start... hmm  Meanwhile, I may just wait with them for it November and the, now, series finale buzz... so I hope to see this discussion thread 20 pages deep, or more cool