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Jane Austen's Incomplete Story Finds Completion on the Small Screen:

Sanditon tells the story of the impulsive and unconventional Charlotte Heywood (played by Rose Williams) and her spiky relationship with the charming Sidney Parker (played by Theo James) after meeting in the, would-be, coastal resort village of Sanditon. When a chance accident transports her from her rural hometown of Willingden to a larger world which exposes Charlotte to the intrigues and dalliances of this seaside town on the rise Ms. Heywood dives in head first. Making ripples everywhere she goes the society of Sanditon may never be the and indeed neither may the young Ms. Heywood. 

Sanditon is a drama which takes viewers from the West Indies to the rotting alleys of London and exposes the hidden agendas of each character as each day Charlotte discover herself... but will she find love or only heartbreak?

Sanditon S2 Info & Trailer *SPOILERS* That being said, Season 2 likely won't premiere on PBS until after the current season of All Creatures Great and Small is broadcast some time in 2022. Which is incredible in this 21st Century that the population of the US, Canada & UK can't all enjoy a little bit of Jane Austen together sad

I will be watching this series, which was resurrected from cancellation on ITV only to get 2 more seasons after the successes of an international campaign to bring the series back as well as strong numbers on PBS as well as streaming platforms.

Anyone else been signing petitions for this unfinished book to finally get a ending on television?



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Is there a petition to end it by making it into Sanditon and Sasquatches? Because I'd be all about that given how good the previous Austen/monster mashups were.

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Sanditon, the adaptation of Jane Austen's unfinished novel, will premiere it's second season on BritBox and PBS: MASTERPIECE on March 20, 2022, before returning to ITV where it was initially cancelled almost three year ago!

Sanditon is set to return Sunday, March 20, 2022.