Topic: British Shows U.S. Airdates

My suggestion would be to list shows that are being rebroadcast in other countries with airdates in the local country and channel. For instance, British shows being broadcast on PBS, Acorn or Britbox in the US only show the BBC or ITV airdates. It would be helpful to see when and where they'll be broadcast in the US. I can't imagine that US viewers are the only ones affected by this issue.  Thanks.


Re: British Shows U.S. Airdates


We do not have local listings or country specific schedules. Everything is tracked on the channel it originated from and aired first at. The services we use for episodes schedule (thetvdb.com and tvmaze.com) also only track the shows on their original channels ... so, unfortunately, there is no way to implement your suggestion ...

Let me know if that makes sense.