Topic: Panic [Drama, Adventure, Crime, Thriller]



Based on Lauren Oliver's New York Times best-selling novel, Panic brings viewers to a forgotten rural town where every year the graduating seniors risk their lives in an illegal, high-stakes game to win life-changing money - and a chance to escape.

Anonymous judges force the players through a series of challenges that will compel them to confront their deepest fears - and upend their ideas of who they are, who to trust, and who they might become. This year, 47 players will compete for the biggest pot ever. All of them will be changed. Only one will win.


Re: Panic [Drama, Adventure, Crime, Thriller]

I liked it! Could have been even better, but no major issues. I found it a bit hard to follow at times... there are so many characters. Maybe it would have been easier if I hadn't spread out watching the show over x months. cool

One season and no more to come.