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So, it's back! And she's back, which is fine by me wink
What's with removing the tattoo? Are the make-up artists lazy? tongue

Btw, I noticed a small goof in the end of the first episode. They board the airplane which is a Hercules (C-130). Hercules has propeller engines, which you can see in the scene, but still you can clearly hear the it's jet engines that gets fired up when the plane starts tongue
(I guess that I've actually learned something useful in my army-time big_smile)

On other notes, I'm kinda satisfied with these two episodes, and I'm excited for the next eps....

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yeah i think it was a great 2 eps looks to be heading a great direction cant wait for more episodes

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never watched an episode.
but it takes then now 4 years to break out of prison?
aint it getting a little boring?

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Nothing to do with prisons no more. Only the impending threat of being sent into one for 15 to life. I didn't like the new episodes at all. The reunion was extremely badly played out. T-bag wasn't a very convincing starving person and the tattoo removal with flashbacks and without painkillers was suspicious at the best. And there were 2 persons in there who were supposed to be dead. I know they were the only two babes in the show but still...WHY??

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I must say that I was amazed by the amount of things to happen in the 1st two episodes. People, who were considered as important characters, got killed, some were unkilled. I just hope that the remaining episodes have enough action to keep the story going.

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Very pacy episodes.. but I liked them a lot. Can hardly wait for the next;k=0ef7e7de42c02d531b7c2d0f913cc132&amp;user=Keisu

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prisson break at its best i say, good story line what keeps it going, and glad to see her back wich i never thought seeing her again.

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Glad they got rid of a few klingons at the beginning and good to see Sarah back. Looking forward to the rest of the season


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it was okay until they invented technology to make a story line, prison break pushes the limits anyway, but to create  something that can get information via wireless off things that dont give off a wireless signal!?!?! WTF!
and they the tattoo removal! i know it is no longer needed in the story, but anyone who would go though that FAKE surgury would for on ebe sedated, and then what, no bleeding through the shirt a couple hours later! im seriously considering giving up on this show, its onbly still going because it makes money and they are stretching a toryline that was thin to start with to extreme lengths!!

rant over;kk=85e65db0d96f6a994a2b7523a1ae2ca0