Topic: Bones’ personality

I haven’t watched beyond season 5 years ago when it was airing and just catching up now and what in the hell did they do to Bones’ character? She changed so much when she got with Booth she stopped being the strong willed, sassy and confident woman that she was before. The way she settled and agreed with him about everything after they got together and the way they made her into this regular bashful woman who is all about “her man” monogamy and the picket fence was so out of character imo. They could’ve gotten them together without ruining her personality. I loved how she argued and was so set in her ways before, but after it was odd.I was looking forward to seeing them together but i ended up disliking them as a couple tbh. Her personality helped shape who i am today i was young when i watched it and she inspired me to be an independent strong willed woman, so to see that was a bit disappointing. What do you guys think?