Topic: The NE customer's TV provider

I would gladly pay a premium for the ability to limit the shows appearing in my calendar to only those provided by my cable provider ~ "Xfinity (Boca Raton area)". Currently, my watchlisted shows are coming up on my calendar with their current broadcast information in England. They won't be broadcast in the US for months or years to come.


Re: The NE customer's TV provider

We can't do that as the source information only lists the original air dates and not for each individual providers.  There is nothing we can do unfortunately.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


Re: The NE customer's TV provider

In addition to what Wizard wrote: if those not-yet-airing shows in your calendar annoy you, you can click on "Episodes" at the top of the page and use the "[stop tracking]" option. Then you won't see those shows in your calendar/ on your main page (while they remain on your watchlist).