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Topic: Birdgirl


I found the sequel to the greatest cartoon of all time, and it's called Birdgirl.


I can't believe this exists!

Not as funny as Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, but still hilarious.

It just premiered on April 4, 2021, it's 4 episodes in, and it airs on Adult Swim Sundays at Midnight, and it also airs on Stack TV through Amazon Prime.

Anyone who's seen the Dabba Don, knows how funny the parody and satire can get with this vein of comedy. Enjoy!


Re: Birdgirl

Agree, a worthy follow on to Harvey.


Re: Birdgirl

I like it, similar humor to Birdman, but I miss the Hanna Barbera stuff as the court cases were my favorite part of the original.


Re: Birdgirl

Ya I agree, Birdgirl is more like neurotic office shenanigans without the hilarious parody and satire built around the Hanna Barbera characters and without the off the wall courtroom antics.  It was just the concept of a super hero who wanted to become a lawyer and have a regular life, that made Harvey Birdman so funny.  Harvey Birdman also had Birdgirl doing this same shtick we see in this show just in the background while hilarious events were playing out in the courtroom, so in that way Birdgirl is like half of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

You had to have watched Harvey Birdman to get that Meredith is the made up daughter of Mentor which they changed to Mentok, and Judy is the made up daughter of Falcon 7 which they changed to Phil Ken Sebben.  This show used to play on that level, and now it doesn't. 

I like 'rejection guy who wants to go for drinks', it's a funny bit, but it would play better if they kept doing it every episode, like at the end of an episode of Harvey Birdman every character in that episode would meet in Harvey's office along with the bear and they'd all laugh at what just happened and then roll the credits, which served as a bit of a hilarious denouement and reset for the next episode.

Episode 4 felt like a lot of work for very few laughs.