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Topic: Recommended shows improvements

The recommend shows feature doesn't work very well.

I can't find many new shows to watch that would seem interesting and I've watched a lot of shows and have them added as my time spent watching can confirm.

You've spent about 8 months, 20 hours and 23 minutes watching your series and have seen a total of 10234 episodes with an average length of 34 min.

That should be plenty of information to provide good recommendations, the problems I keep running in are the following.

Recommendations seem to use the most popular shows I've watched and bases recommendations on just 3 similar shows (that I often don't even find that similar at all). It basically generally ignores many of the less popular shows that I've watched. It also recommends mostly shows based on how popular they are.
Basing on 3 "random" shows I previously watched is a pointless extrapolation, it doesn't even take into account the ratings I give to shows. While I haven't done that with all, I've given some shows a 5 star rating which for me is really an exception, however I never see recommendations based on those 5-star rated shows.

The problem I've been running into lately is finding new interesting shows to watch, as it can take quite a lot of time finding shows I really find interesting. The thing is I would prefer to spend that time watching instead of searching.

So I would really appreciate it if this function would be improved on, maybe by using data from different platforms, such as IMDB or other recommendation sites. Using more than just 3 data points (shows) to give recommendations and looking more at the overall list of shows I've watched with a(n optional) preference for certain years or recency (people get older and change over time). Also preferably taking your personal ratings into account given to shows. Reducing the strong bias towards popular shows and big channels.

Would love to hear other people's thoughts.

If this is not an option, give me a way to export my watched shows to other platforms that are better at giving recommendations. (I've already paid for a lifetime subscription so I'm not going to leave this website ;P)


Re: Recommended shows improvements

If your taste isn't totally niche, you'll find some gems recommended in the forums. smile

I don't know how many resources santah is willing to invest towards improving recommendations. After all, the site is small in comparison to IMDb. cool


Re: Recommended shows improvements

You're right, recommendations can be improved to take rating into account and maybe the overall recommendations logic is up for a redesign. It's been a while since I worked on it.

I'll think about what I can do.

If you want to export your list - get in touch at the "contact us" link below and I'll help you with that.




Re: Recommended shows improvements

Both of you thank you very much for the quick and nice replies.

I will first try lighton's suggestion and check the forums for recommendations.
If that doesn't help I'll find a proper recommendation site that lets me import all shows through a csv or something similar and then I'll contact you for help big_smile

Thank you smile


Re: Recommended shows improvements

You're welcome. smile

Another suggestion: try the "Discover Other Great Shows" 'tabs' on https://next-episode.net/ - I found lots of great shows there over time. (Make sure to "x"/hide permanently all the shows that don't interest you.)