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Rudy Giuliani did his best to discredit himself over the last few years...


Re: Gina Carano (Cara Dune On The Mandalorian) No Longer On the Show

g371 wrote:

So, the problem is that police use excessive force. That is pure police training issue.

Well... yes. Exactly. Training and accountability. If an officer shows severe lack in judgement, maybe try not to keep that officer on active duty. At the very least give them some more training. For many people involved in this, that is the full extent of what they are protesting for, because right now, that's not how it's being done.

g371 wrote:

Also about that excessive force, I'm sure that USA has issues in that area, but I also know how here potentially armed criminals are approached - it's never done by a couple officers on the edge 50/50 if they will be shot and asking to comply politely, there arrives an elite police swat team who don't mess around.

Those units exist everywhere, and as long as they can only act with an active warrant, that's perfectly fine. Whoever issued that warrant just needs to be held accountable for the damages if it wasn't justified.

What should not happen is that someone gets shot after getting pulled over for speeding. Doesn't matter how poorly you comply, the cop should never be on edge enough to shoot you in the first place, at least not for any reason other than actually seeing you pull out a gun. Cops like that simply shouldn't be doing that job.

g371 wrote:

That said, what does not look good are statistics that black people get bigger sentences for same crimes. From all I have seen so far, this is the only point where I could agree to systematic racism.

g371 wrote:

https://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/crime/ucr.asp?table_in=2 <-- here we can see that criminals also are disproportionate by race.

So, it's only expected that police will be profiling more non-white people (actually according to these statistics particularly black people).

But that's exactly the problem again. Those statistics do not show crime. They show documented crime. Stuff that is intentionally or even just unintentionally overlooked does not appear in these statistics.

What is more likely here - that one ethnicity is just inherently more violent and criminal than all others, or that maybe they are just being policed much more harshly in the first place?

The fact that the latter (as you yourself say) does appear to be the case in court suggests, to me, that it isn't unlikely to also be the case in law enforcement.

Organizations like Defund the Police are the worst at naming themselves. In this case, because they aren't even actually about abolishing police, but about restructuring it in a way that puts more focus on actually addressing problems instead of just punishing them. Do give it a short read if you have the time.

g371 wrote:

Just read that starting from some 2024 to be qualify for Oscar nomination there should be involved in a movie x non-white, LGBTQ and disabled persons. Imo, racist as it gets. Stupid beyond stupid, because you don't measure by talent/work, but by sexual orientation or race :facepalm:

Put it like this, I totally agree. But after reading up on this, I have to say that it isn't even remotely as bad as it sounds. It's not even "match all of these criteria", just "match some of them".

Most of these criteria are really just that you should have a number of people working on a project that aren't "straight white male". It's literally enough to have some women around for some of them. It would actually require more effort not to meet them in the US, and I think keeping people from doing just that is the intended purpose here. Still, in principle, I agree with your sentiment.

proteinnerd wrote:
some_one wrote:

First of all, as far as I am aware, nobody burned down any cities. Those who did try any of that stuff were mostly shunned by the wider movement of people trying to protest peacefully. If you have any sources that say different and can be verified, please do share.

https://nypost.com/2020/09/24/face-fact … bout-hate/
By Rudy Giuliani

I asked for verifyable sources for a reason. Verifyable, in this case, means stories from somebody who does not have an active interest in painting a particular picture, one way or another. Giuliani may very well be among the top 10 least qualified sources here.

Having read the article anyway, what I can say is:

He mentions several incidents in which police officers were shot by civilians for politically motivated reasons. I do think that we all agree that any one such case is already too many.

What he does not mention is that -according to every article about them-, in every single case, the culprit was caught and brought to justice, as any murderer should. None of these murderers got any kind of hero status, they are simply murderers.

He mentions another incident where, supposedly, an unspecified amount of people chanted "We hope they die" outside the hospital during the latest such shooting. I can only assume he is talking about this headline. The headline itself is a bit misleading, because according to the article it seems as if it was referring to a group of about 3, one of which reportedly yelled that statement at some point. That's still in bad taste, of course.

That is apparently enough for him to conclude that:

Those chilling words echo the rhetoric we hear from BLM founders and members, who make clear that a prime objective of BLM is to “Kill Cops.”

as well as

From the start, both the organization and the movement — BLM writ large — have been about hatred and violence that extends beyond police and includes all white people, all blacks who are conservative and the United States of America.

which he doesn't even bother to support with any evidence other than two of those shooters thinking that way. Considering that BLM is not, in fact, just black people, that seems rather unlikely to me.

One of his last few sentences is this:

You can be a good person who decries racism and condemns police misconduct yet still reject violent left-wing radicalism unequivocally.

Well, yeah. And the vast majority of BLM does just that. But if the very fact that those murderers exist discredits any movement they want to be affiliated with as a whole, then no, you literally can not.

It literally only leaves you the options to either be mildly upset about things and do nothing, or be labeled a violent radical.

Again, if you have any examples of incidents where there was any actual rioting (as in, more than perhaps 5 people) taking place, please do provide that. But this is not it.


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