Re: The series finale *spoilers will probably be here*

I thought that was just telling her to be quiet and not attract the attention of any other Observers.


Re: The series finale *spoilers will probably be here*

Suasor wrote:

I thought that was just telling her to be quiet and not attract the attention of any other Observers.

Maybe, but then when Olivia asks him what should she do, he just didn't answer? And if it is that simple why would he do it twice?


Re: The series finale *spoilers will probably be here*

The writers did touch on the techniques the resistance developed to counter the Observer tech. They could have burned a lot more screen time to explain more of that, but they didn't. It's one of those decisions you constantly have to make putting shows like Fringe together.


Re: The series finale *spoilers will probably be here*

I totally concur on the whole Olivia/Peter/Etta thing...it wasn't developed with any depth to make it matter to us.

Personally, I'd have resolved the show much differently too...I'd have focused almost entirely on Walter, and on some sort of existential resolution...one where the seeming problems of this universe could be resolved, and where Walter would proceed perhaps into another plane of existence that represents an even higher degree of fringiness...where only his consciousness could proceed or something...a plane where he would no longer be prone to the humanness that made him go mad, or to the humanness that made him fragile...he'd ascend truly into the domain of the gods...
Olivia and Peter would end up together...with emotional resolve, rather than a mere emotional do-over. It's not as though they go on past the show doing anything other than investigating and being awesome...anything else is just anti-climactic.

I think the worst decision they made with the show was to have the observers invade...it was totally contradictory to the representation of the observers prior to that point, and it made the show about conflict rather than about discovery...and discovery and pushing the edges of science and knowledge were the hook of the show from the beginning. It was man vs. man's limits...not man vs. enemies.
Effectively, they went from a drama version of the Big Bang Theory, to the Expendables, in terms of intellectual depth and plot-moving devices.

I'd have liked to see a reference to William Bell too...he was obviously the greater genius of the 2...and the more mysterious of the 2 as well...

But alas, I do not have a timeline altering technology wherewith I can fix what happened to the show.



Re: The series finale *spoilers will probably be here*

uhh. I'm sad that Fringe ended. Was a really awesome season 5.
I was really hoping to see the grownup Etta in the end, but as stated several times before this ending was predictable.

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Re: The series finale *spoilers will probably be here*

I recently re-watched Fringe, and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Loved season 1 and my only complaint was that Peter was vetted by the FBI without proper training.  A basic training portion of the show for Peter would've gone a long way with me. 

Season 2 has all the best episodes (White Tulip, August, Jacksonville) and no weak links, and is by far, thee best season of the entire show.  Some episodes felt like self contained movies, like "Peter" and "Over There".  The episode "Peter" is so pivotal that it's flashbacked throughout the series.

In Season 3 when they started the alternate universe, the story went down hill.  The characters weren't the same after Peter went into the machine, and that threw off the beat and meter of the whole show and viewership tanked.  I spent most of season 3 wishing it were over, and some of the episodes I started to call cringe fringe.

Season 4 had all the emotional elements and scifi that I love about TV, even though Walter and Olivia still weren't themselves.  The moments of Peter bleeding back into the timeline are quite inspirational, and that emotional sensitivity is the best part of Fringe.  Favorite Episode:  Season 4 Episode 6 "And Those We've Left Behind".  It had everything I like about Fringe, with a Faraday cage, Fibonacci spiral, lots of math, and learning to let go of the past and embrace the future in a time travel episode.  The reason I love this show is all embedded in that episode. 

After season 4, there is a story in between 2012 to 2015 which was skipped altogether, which we watch on video tape clips in season 5, yet it's the most important story, because that's when, presumably, Peter and Olivia have Fringe episode dates with the whole "will they won't they, weak knees and sweaty palms" story, their fringe marriage, and fringe child, and because we never see this skipped story, season 5 doesn't matter to the viewer, as you have no emotional investment about Etta or the resistance.  Given how the show works, it was a foregone conclusion to me that they would save the day and reset the timeline, which could've happened in the first two episodes of season 5, then reset to 2012 and continued with the story we wanted.  I liked the season 5 episodes where Peter put the Observer tech in his head and used his knowledge against them.

Given the story we got in season 5, I would've preferred September (not Walter) and Michael going to the future in 2167 then flying to Oslo and having a conversation about the boy's evolution regarding his advanced logical and emotional abilities, the researchers changing their minds about the course they'll take on controlled evolution, and then a scene that reverts everything back to normal in the lab in 2015 at the UBC Learning Center / Harvard (lol),  with some story that let everyone know what they had to do to reset the timeline. Way better!

Nit Picks: 
Why did the Observers come back to 2015?  Wouldn't that prevent their future and existence from happening in the first place as you can't mess with your past in 2015 and not have it mess your present in 2600.  And if they're so smart, why wouldn't they find a way to fix the problems in their time rather than hijacking their past?  If the problem was environmental or using too many natural resources, the technology behind time travel is way more sophisticated than reduce, reuse, recycle, lol, simple logic says such a storyline is unnecessary and incorrect and doesn't make the observers very smart. 

Something is up with how Anna Torv walks.  It's like she's never gone for a run in her life, or learned how to walk properly.  She just looks so awkward how she carries herself and used her feet to move.  Clumsy and tired. Must be the clarity of high def, but it drove me nuts marathoning 5 seasons, watching her in desperate need of help with holding herself.  The bell bottom pants didn't help any.  Dance lessons and strength training would've helped a lot.

What Fringe does really well though, were the comedic and emotional elements, the relationships, and the touching scenes of friendship and faith in each other, along with the pseudo-scientific exploration and search for something greater in life.  It's horrifying at times, yet these characters really touch the heart. Such an amazing show!

If you're looking for something good to watch, I highly recommend re-watching Fringe again!

I love this scene in season 5 episode 1 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

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