Re: Warrior

Wow, if this has been cancelled and isn't picked up elsewhere then the world is more wrong than I ever thought. And I think it's very, very wrong.

Really loved this show from the opening scene to the final. Lots of blood, huge body count, swearing, maiming. All as it should be. Characters that I liked and were well enough developed, I hate the wholesome good guy. Give me a Cormac McCarthy protagonist any day.

Normally I've little time for any martial arts films or TV but this got it right, as did Into The Badlands (shame they had to rush the third season). 4.25/5

I don't watch trailers. I never have and I never will.
I don't like Tom Cruise, James Cameron and there's lots more to add, give me time
I don't like Star Wars or Star Trek or any superhero *hit

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Re: Warrior

really hope that it gets renewed.... there is so many directions they can go with it